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The disappearance of local cities, the collapse of small commercial districts, slums outside the city center, and hollowing out of the old city center have in common that transportation services are poor. It is difficult to access from the outside as well as to move inside. Our work is not limited to creating a electric cargo bike, a means of transport that has never existed before. The purpose of this study is to study what kind of positive effect it can have on the living environment if mobility is improved through e-cargo bikes in areas where both mobility and accessibility are poor. If the environment here improves, the local commercial area will naturally become lively, and the value will be recognized again, and it will become an area of interest. If we solve the last mile transportation method to the nearest train station and subway station, it will be considered as a location for commuting. It would be nice if there were no inconveniences in life without going to a big city like a European city. We may be able to make it happen, but we expect to have like-minded partners.

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